Water based finishes or oil based finishes?

Jun 1, 2023 | Decisions

Both water based finishes and oil based finishes have different and specific uses. For example, exotic hardwood floors such as jatoba, cumaru and sukupira, amongst others, contain a high percentage of naturally occurring oils. Since oil and water do not mix, these woods cannot be treated with most of the water based finishes, except for Bona Traffic finish. Also, you will not have any success with your floor refinishing if the water based finish is used on the thin and narrow strips, such as 3/8”x1-3/8” strip flooring.

If you have a pine floor, or choose a brown colour stain for your floor and stair refinishing, then an oil based finish will be your best choice.

Water based finishes work well with all domestic wood species such as oak, maple, ash, birch and beech. Also, if your preference is to have a natural, unstained floor, or if you choose to use floors stained with pastel colours, they are best suited to water-based finishes. Bona, the leading industry for waterborne finishes and sealers, manufactures environmentally friendly products that ensure the ultimate in durability and beauty for hardwood floors.

Most of the Oil based finishes are known for their higher V.O.C. (volatile organic compounds) content. This highly concentrated chemical is a strong carcinogen and environmental pollutant. However, as the floor finishing product industry has evolved, many floor finishing manufacturers have improved their formulas. Bona’s oil-modified finishes and sealers are formulated from an oil extracted from pine trees. This explains their quick-drying and ease-of-use capabilities, compared to oils made from other products. There are still, however, traditional, highly toxic polyurethanes on the market. With this in mind, we suggest that you be aware of the source of the varnish being used for your floor and stair refinishing, by checking with your contractor, before signing the contract

Choosing a Bona Certified Contractor to re-sand your floor and stairs will guarantee you a finish of the highest quality and workmanship, that is based in knowledge and experience, and that meets the highest standards.

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