Dark hardwood showing lighter grain
Jun 01 2023

Water based finishes or oil based finishes?

Both water based finishes and oil based finishes have different and specific uses. For example, exotic hardwood floors such as jatoba, cumaru and sukupira, amongst...
Person using a floor sander
Jun 01 2023

Should I go with Dustless Floor Sanding?

If you like a clean environment, are suffering from allergies, have recently painted your walls or just want your floor refinishing job completed in a timely fashion,...
Harwood floor
Jun 01 2023

Hardwood floor prefinished or on-site?

Both a pre-finished hardwood floor and a floor that is finished at the job site are in demand. A project that uses a prefinished floor can more easily meet client...
Hardwood floor with fruit platter
May 31 2023

Solid or Engineered Floors – which one?

Solid Hard Wood Floors Solid hard wood floors have a reputation for being long lasting. In addition, they offer more flexibility for durability, colour, sheen, and...
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