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Rift Cut Hardwood Flooring in Vaughan

Rift Cut Hardwood Flooring in Vaughan

Rift Cut, Solid , Engineered or Solid Sawn Hardwood.

Wood-Mood offers a wide range of a Rift Cut Hardwood Flooring in Vaughan. We carry hardwood flooring from the best manufacturers.

Various types of Rift Cut hardwood floor

  • At Vaughan based Wood-Mood we offer Rift Cut floors in various types. You may chose to purchase solid, engineered or solid sawn hardwood. You may also chose between the floor that needs finishing at your home or pre-finished one. Pre-finished hardwood is  factory finished ready for  installation. Therefore we can complete floor renovation much faster. If we install, sand and finish the floor at your home, you may enjoy final results in up to two weeks.

Do you need sub-floor to be prepared prior to installation?

  • In most of our floor renovation projects sub-floor preparation is required. Whether you select solid, engineered, or solid sawn hardwood we usually need to screw down and sand your sub-floor.

Where to install Rift Cut floor?

  • You will benefit from installing Rift Cut hardwood floor in each area of your home. Particularly in larger areas. Flat Cut hardwood flooring tends to expand substantially with seasonal changes. We say that on larger area there will be more material “to swell” (expand) during the summer. There is also more material “to shrink” during winter season, when we use heating. Dense structure will provide dimensional stability and perfect long lasting appearance. Changes in room temperature and humidity will have little impact on it’s appearance.

What species does Rift Cut floor is offered in?

  • Typically manufacturers offer Rift Cut floor in Red Oak or White Oak. However this hardwood floor is also available in Cherry and Walnut. White Oak Rift Cut floor will give you a very uniform and earthy look. Especially if you request that we finish your hardwood with clear vanish. Red Oak will bring some warmth with naturally occurring reddish undertones. Cherry and Walnut will give you softness and more of a color. Both Cherry and Walnut darken as they age. Cherry becomes more golden and Walnut more brown.

How to recognize Rift Cut floor?

  • Manufactures typically cut the lumber  from logs in quarter sawn, rift sawn or plain sawn boards. Each type of lumber is dependent on how the log is oriented and the cut at sawmill. The result is a particular orientation of the growth rings on the end grain of the board which defines the type of lumber. The type of cut also determines the wood’s mechanical properties.

Wood-Mood offers Rift Cut Hardwood Flooring in Vaughan. We have a wide range of Rift Cut floors in various types such as solid, engineered or structured solid sawn hardwood.