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Should I replace carpets with hardwood floors?

Carpet or Hardwood Floors - Woodmood

Is your carpet showing signs of aging?  Are you planning to renovate your house?  Is the air in your house stale, in spite of being recently vacuumed and aerated? Perhaps you suffer from allergies or are concerned about environmental toxins? If your answer is yes to any of the above, than you may want to consider having your carpet replaced with laminated, cork, or hardwood floors.

Carpets accumulate dust and create a perfect environment for dust mites to thrive. This can potentially cause allergic reactions.

More often than not, our efforts to maintain a clean carpet, are in vain. Cleaning solutions are often loaded with harmful chemicals, and there is a risk of a residue from the solution remaining in the carpet and polluting the air we breathe.

As well, the foam underlay contains latex, which may also be carcinogeninc and trigger allergic reactions.

Most Canadian made hardwood floors are natural, and are coated with finishes that are environmentally friendly. Whether you decide on a prefinished hardwood floor or an unfinished floor—i.e. finished at the job site—the benefits will include greater resilience to wear and tear. Cleaning is easy and efficient. Usually manufacturers offer floor cleaners that are compatible with the formula of the floor finish.  To ensure a good colour match between the floor and the stairs, it is wise to refinish the stairs at the same time as the floors are being replaced.

Customers often prefer floor refinishing to replacing their hardwood floors . There is a cost saving in floor sanding, since the exisiting floor does not need to be removed, and installation of a new plywood sub-floor is not required.

You may prefer a water-based finish – e.g. the GreenGuard certificate finishes by Bona or Basic Coatings. Bona Certified Contractors are highly skilled and experienced and at helping you restore your floor to functionality and beauty.