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Caring For Your Hardwood Floor During The Winter Months

Winter Hardwood Floor Care

How do we care for hardwood floor during winter season?

Falling temperatures always have an impact on Hardwood Floors. Here are a few things to consider prior to turning on the heating.

Ideal moisture conditions for Hardwood Floors

Every hardwood floor reacts to fluctuating humidity. It is essential that you have a humidifier. Furnace humidifiers are more efficient. They will distribute moisture throughout the house. However, you may choose to use a portable humidifier. Keep in mind that it will protect only the area of your hardwood floor on which it is placed.

What is the optimal humidity for hardwood floors?

Solid sawn and engineered hardwood floors, require humidity levels of between 35% and 55%. Humidity levels below 35% are an issue for your hardwood floors. As a result the planks may start separating. In addition, the floor may start to squeak due to loss of moisture.

Ideal temperatures for Hardwood Floors.

Heat can cause excessive drying of your hardwood floor. It is important to ensure that the temperature is set to 22 degrees Celsius. You need to maintain this temperature throughout the year. Anything higher than 22˚C will impact the hardwood.

What might happen to my floor if moisture and temperature are inadequate?

Shrinkage and separation of planks may start to occur, especially if the air is dry. On the other hand, excessive moisture will cause wood to swell. We highly recommend the use of an hygrometer to check the humidity.

Use Doormats on your hardwood Flooring

Water, snow (often containing dirt, pebbles and salt) and harsh abrasives are natural enemies of hardwood floors. These particles can scratch the surface of your hardwood flooring, in spite of its durability. More seriously, a thin build up of salt can degrade your floor surface over time. Remove water and snow on a regular basis. Use doormats and place wet boots on mats.

Clean Your Hardwood Floor 

During installation, ask your installer about the best cleaning products for your hardwood floor. Although floor cleaning formulas may work for most types of hardwood floors, only use products that are professionally recommended. Failing that, some floor manufacturers may void their warranty.

At Vaughan based Wood-Mood, we offer hygrometers and a wide variety of floor cleaning products.