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Should I go with Dustless Floor Sanding?

Dustless Floor Sanding - Wood Mood

If you like a clean environment, are suffering from allergies, have recently painted your walls or just want your floor refinishing job completed in a timely fashion, then dustless floor sanding is for you.

Traditionally, hardwood floor sanding is an extremely dusty process. It’s like a dust-storm in your home, with a never-ending clean-up headache, lingering dust in your air ducts, and comes with a potential health risk to you. Our sophisticated and efficient dust containment system is attached or built into every piece of our sanding equipment. The benefits of using  this system is that there is no mess and floor sanding can be completed efficiently and in a time efficient way, because much less cleaning is required.

Bona Certified Contractors are more knowledgeable, and are able to offer higher quality work. Bona Ceritified Contractors are extensively trained, with proven professional knowledge, and skills that qualify them to use this advanced technology. Our Bona sanding equipment is GreenGuard Certified for Indoor Air Quality.
GreenGuard Certified - Woodmood 

Check out our dustless floor sanding service here.

One Response to "Should I go with Dustless Floor Sanding?"

  • John
    20-Jun-2017 - 2:55 pm Reply

    My wife and I would love to get our floor refinished, but my wife is worried it will cause a big mess. Seeing as how dustless sanding doesn’t create any sort of dusty mess, it would be perfect for us and our situation. I’m sure my wife would be much more willing to have our floors redone as soon as possible if it’s done with a dustless sander.

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