Floor Refinishing

If your hardwood flooring has seen better days, call our Vaughan store for a competitive quote to have it professionally refinished. Our team of experts will transform your old floor using state-of-the-art equipment and advanced techniques that they have honed over many years. Furthermore, when your hire our floor refinishing team, you not only get to enjoy a floor that looks as good as new, you can change the colour and finish too.

Different Types of Finish Coats

We offer three main finishes:

  • Satin – While less shiny than the other two finishes that we offer, a satin coat will hide the scratches and scuff marks that will eventually affect the flooring of even the most careful of homeowners. If you just can’t make up your mind, this could well be your best option.
  • Semi-Gloss – This is a good middle ground between the two extremes. You get some but not all of the shine that comes with full gloss and some but not all of the ability to hide scratches that satin has to offer.
  • Gloss – Some people say that this is the most attractive finish but, as you will already have surmised, it is also the one that will show marks on your flooring most easily.

Our floor refinishing team has worked on a lot of floors over the years and used all three different types of finish coats in many different properties, so whichever one you choose, you are guaranteed excellent results when you hire us to do the job. If you would like some help choosing the best finish for your home, please call and we will be happy to assist in any way that we can.

How Our Floor Refinishing Team Works

We follow a tried and tested process on each floor that we tackle, which consists of the following steps:

  1. Removal of Carpet if Applicable – Many homeowners with wood floors that have seen better days had them carpeted a long time ago to hide the once beautiful timber surface. If this is the case in your home, our first job will naturally be to remove the carpet in question. We can either put it to one side (if still in suitable condition) or if you wish to use it in the future or dispose of it on your behalf.
  1. Sanding – Our floor refinishing experts will now sand your floor to make it smooth and ready for staining. Whilst we are doing this, we use a dust containment system to minimise the mess that is made.
  1. Staining – We can stain your floor any colour you like but will normally use a colour that matches any existing exposed hardwood flooring. To maintain colour consistency we recommend stairs refinishing at the time of floor refinishing.
  1. Finish Coats – The next stage is the application of the satin, semi-gloss or gloss finish coats that were mentioned earlier.
  1. New Trim & Molding – The final stage is the installation of new trim and molding, if required.

By the time our floor refinishing team has finished, we can guarantee that you will not want to hide your glorious hardwood flooring under a carpet again!

Is your beautiful wood floor looking a little old and weathered? Wood Mood can help you transform that tired looking floor into a masterpiece once more. Refinishing of your existing flooring gives you a multitude of colour choices. You can also select from three finish coats—satin, semi-gloss or gloss.

The process begins by removal the carpet and disposal if necessary. Then we sand down the existing floor, smoothing and buffing it where needed, applying stain to match your existing floor, or in a colour of choice. Next we apply the appropriate finish coats. We finish off by installing new trim and moldings where required. Wood Mood offers the most advanced dust containment system, The Atomic 110 Dust Containtment System, for hardwood floor sanding. If you don’t want to put up with the mess and inconveniene generated by traditional sanding, our dust containtment system will satisfy your needs.


A bottle of Blanchon Ocenaic Air-Protect Varnish

For the most of our floor refinishing projects, Wood-Mood uses Blanchon Océanic Air Protect floor finish. This polyurethane monocomponent varnish provides high resistance to abrasion and stains, is odour free, filters and neutralizes VOC emissions, is resistant to abrasion, shock and scratches, and is non-slip. Blanchon Océanic Air Protect is one of the most ecological varnishes in Canada.

Bona certified contractor

We are Bona Kemi and Basic Coatings Certified Contractors for floor and stair refinishing.

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