Dustless Floor Sanding

With the help of the revolutionary Bona Atomic 110 Dust Containment System, we are pleased to be able to offer a dustless floor sanding service to customers in Vaughan, Toronto and surrounding areas. We think that it is important to minimize the amount of dust created when sanding wood flooring, for a number of reasons:

  • Your Health – Not only is dust likely to irritate your throat and lungs, possibly causing asthma attacks in those who suffer from the condition.
  • Your Flooring – The less dust that is circulating in the air when we are staining your floor and applying the finish coats, the better the results will be. We are extremely proud of the reputation we have for first-class results so anything that helps us to maintain this reputation gets a thumbs up from us. Dustless floor sanding definitely falls into this category.
  • A Cleaner Home – Without equipment such as the Atomic 110 system, the amount of dust generated by sanding down solid or engineered wood flooring can be quite staggering. What’s worse is the fact that it seems to get absolutely everywhere. By offering you a dustless floor sanding service, we can make sure that you do not have to waste money on expensive cleaning services once we have finished our job.

How Does Our Dustless Floor Sanding Equipment Work?

Our Atomic 110 system can be plugged into any home, 20-amp electrical outlet and used for many hours at a time without overheating. It utilises a cyclonic separation system with powerful brushless vacuum motors and is capable of running two machines at the same time. Because it weighs only 170 lbs, we are able to take it to any job with ease and provide our customers with a cleaner, healthier service that results in flawless finishes. The vacuum engines are connected to the sanding equipment, extracting the dust that the sanding process creates before it has a chance to get airborne and cause any damage.

Certified Bona Contractor

As a certified contractor, you can trust us to use the Bona Atomic 110 system in the most efficient manner possible, as well as all the other Bona equipment that we employ. Bona are experts in the production of machinery for hardwood floor care and our dustless floor sanding team are experts at using their equipment. We take great pride in being able to offer all our clients in Vaughan and further afield a range of first-class, industry leading services and our dust containment service is no exception in this regard.

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If the only thing that has been holding you back from having your floors refinished is all the mess that you expected to have to clean up afterwards, you can finally have the beautiful wood floors that you have always wanted.

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Dustless Floor Sander
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