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Hardwood Floors and More for the Basement

There are many different kinds of hardwood floors that are suitable for installation in a basement. These floors require proper installation in order to withstand high humidity. Concrete basement slabs are porous, and prone to moisture and water vapour migrating up through the slab. This can result in the growth of mould and mildew underneath your basement flooring. Structured, multilayered hardwood floors, such as engineered or solid sawn (made with moisture resistant plywood core, high density fibre core, or with a specific structure of the core wood pieces) perform much …Read More

Hardwood Floors – is it worth investing in “End of Line” products?

Hardwood floors are one of the most commonly used surfaces in our homes. Yet often, when building or renovating their homes, home owners leave their floor purchasing decisions to the last stages of construction or renovation. By then, their budgets are restricted, and they resort to purchasing discontinued products, the quality of which are compromised, or having to choose cheaper laminated floors over a hardwood floors. The discounted price is …Read More

We Can Repair Pet Stains On Your Hardwood Floors

Often, prior to resanding of hardwood floors, our crews will assess the condition. They often discover pet stains in many areas of the room. Urine is made of 91-96% water, as well as an assortment of inorganic salts and organic compounds, such as proteins, hormones and a wide range of metabolites. Urine excreted by cats and dogs is similar in make up, and will cause the same kind of damage, should it …Read More

Hardwood Floors and Humidity

If you have hardwood floors and humidity in your home is not within the the optimal range of 35-55%, your floors may be at risk. Wood is a porous material, and humidity levels have an impact on appearance and durability of your hardwood floors. A lack of moisture in the air, or low relative humidity, during the winter months, causes a loss of moisture in the wood, resulting in shrinkage, splintering or …Read More

Should I replace carpets with hardwood floors?

Is your carpet showing signs of aging?  Are you planning to renovate your house?  Is the air in your house stale, in spite of being recently vacuumed and aerated? Perhaps you suffer from allergies or are concerned about environmental toxins? If your answer is yes to any of the above, than you may want to consider having your carpet replaced with laminated, cork, or hardwood floors. Carpets accumulate dust and create …Read More