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Hardwood Floors – Learn how to Care for them During the Summer?

All hardwood floors, due to their porous structure, absorb moisture. During the warm and humid months, you might notice that your hardwood floors change their appearance and that the boards start to warp. These changes would not occur if the temperature and humidity levels in the area are held constant. If, however, there is no dehumidifier and central air conditioning in use, there could be permanent damage to your beautiful …Read More

Caring For Your Hardwood Floor During The Winter Months

How do we care for hardwood floor during winter season? Falling temperatures always have an impact on Hardwood Floors. Here are a few things to consider prior to turning on the heating. Ideal moisture conditions for Hardwood Floors Every hardwood floor reacts to fluctuating humidity. It is essential that you have a humidifier. Furnace humidifiers are more efficient. They will distribute moisture throughout the house. However, you may choose to …Read More

Hardwood Flooring Latest Trends

Latest Trends in Hardwood Flooring – Let us explore what has changed Past Trends in Hardwood Flooring Not long ago we were mostly selling smooth, narrow-planked, and exotic hardwood flooring. Let us explore what else has changed The growing awareness around the depletion of Brazilian rainforests is driving the trend away from exotic woods. As a result clients have been choosing domestic White Oak and Red Oak hardwood floors. Pastel colors, mostly …Read More

Rift Cut Hardwood Flooring in Vaughan

Rift Cut, Solid , Engineered or Solid Sawn Hardwood. Wood-Mood offers a wide range of a Rift Cut Hardwood Flooring in Vaughan. We carry hardwood flooring from the best manufacturers. Various types of Rift Cut hardwood floor At Vaughan based Wood-Mood we offer Rift Cut floors in various types. You may chose to purchase solid, engineered or solid sawn hardwood. You may also chose between the floor that needs finishing at your …Read More

Enquires About Stair Renovations

Many of our customers who enquire about hardwood flooring, also enquire about stair renovations. Their concerns cover the gamut of treads covered by old carpeting, surfaces with worn-down treads, colours that do not match the floor, and outdated spindles or wooden spindles that need to be replaced with metal spindles. Each Concern Requires a Different Approach  Carpeted Stairs    Stair renovations can be done by cupping them with factory made pre-finished treads. The treads are …Read More