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Hardwood floor prefinished or on-site?

Both a pre-finished hardwood floor and a floor that is finished at the job site are in demand. A project that uses a prefinished floor can more easily meet client expectations of the project being completed on time, leading to higher satisfaction.  There are, however, colour limitations, and every factory finished hardwood floor has a bevel between the boards. If the subfloor has any slight levelling irregularities, these will affect your prefinished …Read More

Solid or Engineered Floors – which one?

Solid Hard Wood Floors Solid hard wood floors have a reputation for being long lasting. In addition, they offer more flexibility for durability, colour, sheen, and varnish (water-based or oil-based). When you want to refresh your existing floor, or change the colour, it is wise to consult with a certified flooring contractor to discuss floor refinishing. Some people feel a smooth surface (bevel between the boards) adds aesthetic value, and …Read More