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Hardwood Floors and More for the Basement

There are many different kinds of hardwood floors that are suitable for installation in a basement. These floors require proper installation in order to withstand high humidity. Concrete basement slabs are porous, and prone to moisture and water vapour migrating up through the slab. This can result in the growth of mould and mildew underneath your basement flooring. Structured, multilayered hardwood floors, such as engineered or solid sawn (made with moisture resistant plywood core, high density fibre core, or with a specific structure of the core wood pieces) perform much …Read More

We Can Repair Pet Stains On Your Hardwood Floors

Often, prior to resanding of hardwood floors, our crews will assess the condition. They often discover pet stains in many areas of the room. Urine is made of 91-96% water, as well as an assortment of inorganic salts and organic compounds, such as proteins, hormones and a wide range of metabolites. Urine excreted by cats and dogs is similar in make up, and will cause the same kind of damage, should it …Read More